In 1977, guitarist Greg Ginn formed Black Flag with bassist Chuck Dukowski, drummer Brian Migdol, and vocalist Keith Morris. This lineup recorded the band's debut EP "Nervous Breakdown" in 1978. Morris and Migdol left shortly after and were replaced by vocalist Ron Reyes and drummer ROBO. This lineup released the EP "Jealous Again" in 1980. Reyes was replaced by Dez Cadena in 1980 and the band released the Six Pack single with Dez on vocals. Then in 1981 at a New York gig, a fan named Henry Rollins jumped onstage to sing a song. The band decided he'd be the new vocalist because Dez wanted to be a rythum guitarist. This lineup released the 1981 "Damaged" album. After two years of no new releases, the band finally came out with 1983's "My War". It featured new drummer Bill Stevenson and Dale Nixon (a.k.a.Greg Ginn) playing bass. In 1984 Kira became the bass player and the band released "Slip It In". With Rollins, Ginn, Stevenson, and Kira the band released "Live '84", "Loose Nut", and "In My Head". In 1986 they released another live album with Anthony Martinez on Drums. Shortly after the band broke up. Rollins went on to form the Rollins Band and Greg Ginn formed the instrumental group Gone.

Albums I own

Everything Went Black
The First Four Years
My War
Slip It In
In My Head
Who' Got the 10 and a half

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