Formed in Birmingham in 1971, Judas Priest have been making heavy metal music for over 20 years. In 1974 the band debuted with "Rocka Rolla", released on the independent label, Gull Records. After the release of their second album "Sad Wings of Destiny" in 1976, they signed to CBS. Their first album for them was 1977's "Sin After Sin". Since then they've produced great albums like 1979's "Hell Bent For Leather" and 1982's "Screaming For Vengence". Frontman Rob Halford left in 1992 to form Fight. Fight has just broken up.

Albums I own

Hero, Hero
Stained Class
Hell Bent For Leather
Unleashed in the East
British Steel
Point of Entry
Screaming For Vengence
Defenders of the Faith
Priest Live

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