The Misfits were formed in 1977 by Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only. The band released the single "Cough/Cool" in 1977 with Glenn on vocals and keyboards, Jerry on bass and Manny on drums. By the end of 1977 Franche Coma became the guitarist and Manny was replaced by Mr. Jim. This lineup recorded the album that would've been "Static Age". The record company decided not to release it so they took four songs off it and released the "Bullet" EP in 1978. For awhile the band released a number of EP's like "Horror Business" and "3 Hits From Hell". Then in 1982 the band released their first LP "Walk Among Us" with Jerry's brother Doyle on guitar and Arthur Googy on Drums. A year later they released "Earth A.D." with ROBO (previously from Black Flag) taking over on drums. By the end of 1983 the band broke up and Glenn went on to form Samhain and later Danzig. Jerry and Doyle formed Kryst the Conquerer. Then in 1995 Jerry and Doyle got the Misfits back together with Mike Graves singing and Dr. Chud on Drums. They've just released an album called "American Psycho."

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