The Ormen is what me and my friends call ourselves. Now you must be thinking where the hell does that name come from. Well let me explain. back in 1995 when I was in 8th grade I saw a movie called "The Stoned Age". In that movie, the characters in that movie yell OR (or at least that's what it sounds like) to their friends. Me and my friends starting yelling OR to each other. Then one day a thought popped into my mind. Well I knew of a group of people called the Mormen (we should all know who they are) and I thought to myself that me and my friends should call ourselves the Ormen. Well it kind of stuck and we still call ourselves the Ormen 2 years later.


Just recently me and my friend formed a band. We decided to call ourselves The Ormen because it's name that has been around a long time for us. It's also an original name that no one else would probably think of. In the band I play guitar, my friend George sings, Chris from Nitrious Oxide plays bass and Nick (also from Nitrious) plays drums. We just did a show at the Masonic Temple in Hamden on March 27. We might play there again on May 22. We also might be playing at the Elk's Lodge in Hamden on June 13th.

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