A Worthless World


I'm here to crush everyones hopes and dreams forever, so that's what I'm gonna do now, so if you want to listen, please read on. If you don't, I understand. This is just a bunch of my views about religion and the Apocolypse. Don't think I'm some sort of devil worshipper or freak...these are just somethings that I have concluded over the past few years. I've grown tired of all this apocolypse bullshit. I just saw some show a few hours ago about the prophesies of the milleneum ( the apocolypse), and I realized that I just don't give a wretched fuck anymore about god, heaven, hell, satan, or religion. I hate it all, I think it's all fake. They can prove what they want, but I just don't care. The world isn't gonna end by fire, bombs, killing, and war. It's gonna end by paranoia, because people keep watching these shows on tv about the end of the world, and it makes them paranoid. The human civilization will just die...just stop. People will stay in their homes and just die...there will be no destruction. The apocolypse is advertised every where nowadays, and it gives people a sense that there's nothing to live for, if the world is gonna end in the year 2000. If the world is gonna end in 2000, then why should I continue? Why should I even bother to graduate? I'm just gonna die that year (so they say). It's just a big hoax...it's used just so religions can scare people into believing...so people's faiths will not be by choice, but by unfathomable FEAR OF THE END. And the reason all these bad things are happening in our world is because the religions feel that they need to have something to deliver for their followers. They NEED to make the end of the world come because if it doesn't come, the religions will lose a great number of followers, because they will feel gipped and lied to. And it will give religion a bad name. Religion is supposed to provide a sense of security and comfort to people, but I don't see that happening. All I see is war, death, and religious descrimination. It's bullshit. Our world is so fucked up right now. You can't trust anybody. Our "holy men", whom we're SUPPOSED to respect and admire are molesting our kids; our police officers are beating and arresting innocent people; our politicians and world leaders are all scheming liars, and every televangelist in the country is asking us to send them money, because " each penny brings us closer to god". What is god gonna do with our money? All our money does is buy the trailor park-dwelling redneck television preachers a bigger and better trailor. And our society is so gullible, that we actually BELIEVE these backwoods assholes on tv. To tell you the truth though, all those END-OF-THE-WORLD preachers are actually GENIUSES to some extent, because they have us all by the balls, and we're sending them every last penny that we have in our pockets. THEY"RE becoming rich, while WE'RE making ourselves poor, gullible grade-A morons. If the apocolypse does come, and it is just a big mass orgy of destruction and death, like everybody says it is, then i'm gonna find out the exact date of the END. And i'm gonna take the week before the end of the world off from work, or school, or wherever I am to rape, pillage, burn, steal, and kill. And when THE DAY comes, I'll be sure to be sitting up on my roof in a lawn chair, taking shots of vodka, smoking cigarettes, and watching the world DIE.

thank you.

-Rev. George

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