Pack 803 Den 1 Home Page

We did this project for part of our Communicator Activity Badge

Meet Den 1


One time I went to Nebraska to meet my Grandma and two uncles and aunt. I played in an arcade in the hotel. Sometimes I visted my grandma and grandpa. I went swimming alot too. A few days later, we went to the zoo. We went on a train at the zoo. We saw alot of animals on the train. We saw penguins there. After we went to the zoo, we went swimming at the hotel. We went to a land and water park. There was a huge water slide and a wave pool. I went on minuature go carts there. A few days later, we left for home.


I went to Florida last July. We saw DisneyWorld and went on splash mountain. We met my grandparents, Gene and Frank. My cousins were there. There was a neat place with rafts. This is a Map of Florida


Two years ago I went to Lake George, on the the boat Minnihaha (stupid name). They had a big arcade and an Ice Cream Parlor. Then we had pizza.


A month ago I got my appendix taken out, I was out of school for a week. I couldn't walk for three days. It hurt alot. I got lots of cards.


Last updated April, 1995